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Realise It Before You Lose!

"When Someone Cares For Us,
We Think They R Boring Us.
When We Really Need Them,
Someone Else Have Already Liked Their Boring Care!"

Realise It Before You Lose!

I wish to be a good one

One Day I'll Be
Some People ...
I Do My Best
To Be A Good 0ne ... !!!

We are tested for something v never taught

We Go To School/College/
University Everyday.
We Learn Pointless Things,
We Are Never Taught
How To Make Moments Last.
I Think The Most Unfair
Thing Is At The End Of It,
We Are Tested On Something
We Are Never Taught -
We Have To Stand In Front Of
Each Other And Say
Good Bye

That's a true relation

Shakespare says
"When you'r angry at someone
get irritated time to time
you still can't live without Him/Her
That's a relation.True relation

Sharp is Ur memory, sweet is ur name

Sharp is Ur memory,
Sweet is Ur name,
Deep in my heart,
U will always remain,
Earth want water,
Flower wants dew,
I want nothing,
but a smile from U.

Good relationships are like trees

Good relationships are like trees
They demand attention & care in the beginning
but once they blossoms
they provide U shade in all situations of life

You are not okay

Sometimes when I say,"I am okay",
I want someone
to look me in the eyes,
Hug me tight,
say,"I know you are not".

Girls are like apples on trees.

Girls are like apples on trees.
The best ones are at the top of the tree.
The boys don't want to reach
for the good ones because they
r afraid of falling and getting hurt.
Instead, they get the rotten apples
from the ground that aren't as good,
but easy. So the apples up top think
something wrong with them when in
reality they're amazing. They just
have to wait for the right boy to
come along, the one who's
brave enough to climb all
the way to the top of the tree

May Allah Fill Your Life

I Always Remember The People,
Who Are Special For Me,
Important For Me,
Near & Dear To Me,
Unavoidable For Me,
I Think About Them,
I Care About Them,
I Pray For Them
You Are One Of Them.
So I Wish, May Allah Fill Your Life With Colors Of Happiness & Smiles.

Share jokes instead of feelings

Do You Know What Is Difficult To Do?
It Is Difficult To Share Jokes
With The Person You Love,

While Deep Inside,
What You Really Want Is To
Share Your Feelings

Perfect look of girls/women

GIRLS Want To Look
Perfect For A Bunch 0f Guys,
A WOMAN 0nly Wants To
Look Beautiful For 0nly One Man

Crazy mathematics of happiness

Is A Crazy
When You

Being good is different!

Best Msg for today's World:
Don't Try To Be Different, Just Be Good...!
Bcoz, now a days just being good is different enough...!!! ;)

Time to help or time to hurt

Knowingly We Dont Have Time To Help People,
Unknowingly We Always Manage Time To Hurt People.
Think Again.
Its True.

If Not happy being single!

"If you are not happy being single,
U'll never be happy in a relationship..!!
Get your own life first,
then try 2 share it with someone"

Absence and alteration in your life

Small quote but very meaningful:
"when my absence doesn't alter ur life,
then my presence has no meaning in ur life..

Failure has positive feedback

Every failure has sOme pOsitive feedback..
FOr Example,
Type the wOrd 'Rejected' In dictiOnary mOde..See what u get.
It's Amazing!

Education, Money, Wife & Friendship

Education gives Quality of Life!
Money gives Quality of Respect!
Wife gives Quality of Love!
But Friendship gives Quality of Heart!

Effective lines for adjustment & argument

Very effective lines:
1."Adjustment is always better than Argument"
2."A meaningful silence is better than meaningless words"

Happiness is a perfume.

Happiness is a perfume.
You cannot spread on others without getting a few drops on urself.
So always be happy to make others happy !

Heart can skip beat for a while

Heart can skip beat for a while.
Memories can be kept in a file
A Desert can replace the Nile
But nothing can stop a Smile
When your NAME comes on my Mobile

Death is not the greatest loss

Death is not the greatest loss in life
The greatest loss of life is
when relationship dies among us
while we r alive
B strong in your Relations.

Best lines by a best friend

Best lines by a best friend:
"It hurts me wen u talk to s0me0ne else n n0t me.. ..
it hurts even m0re wen s0me1 else makes u smile n i can't . . ."

No for an answer

When God gives us 'NO'
for an answer Keep in mind
that there is a much greater 'YES' behind it.
His 'NO' is not a 'REJECTION', But a 'REDIRECTION' :-)

I feel happy.

I feel happy.
Do u know y?
Coz im lucky
U know y?
coz GOD loves me
U know how?
coz god send me a wonderful friend
U know who?
ITS U!!!

Most difficult to decide

Its Difficult To Wait For Someone ,
And Its Difficult To Forget Someone !
But The Most Difficult Thing Is To
Decide Whether To Wait Or To
Forget Someone.....!!

Open and close

Dictionary Says That
'Open' And 'Close' Are Opposites,

Life Teaches That We Are "Open"Only With Those,
With Whom We Are "Close" :-)

Favorite and hardest

"I Want To Be His Favorite

And His Hardest

Response is the powerful tool

"Response" Is One Of
The Powerful Tool To
Occupy A Place In
Someone's 'HEART'

Give The Best Response
To The Person Who Cares
For You

Who makes your world beautiful

Don't Choose The 0ne
Who Is Beautiful To The World.

But Rather,
Choose The 0ne Who
Makes Your World Beautiful.

Life isn't rehearsal

Life isn't a rehearsal.
Each day is a real show..
No retakes..
No rewinding..
So giv d best performance
in all ur roles always.

Life is too ironic to understand

"Life is too ironic to fully understand..
It takes sadness to knw wat happiness is,
noise to appreciate silence
absence to value presence.

Alphabets in teaching & cheating

Alphabets in
are common..

Those who try 2 'Cheat' u
often 'Teach' u
something... :-)

One day you will be right

Treat each day as your last...
one day you will be right. :-)

Good Night. :-)

Purpose is more important than need

In race between lion & deer,
Many time deer wins.
Because lion runs 4 food & deer 4 life.

Remember; ''Purpose is more important than need"

Do u love me more than your family?

Boy :Do you love me more than ur family ?
Girl :No
Boy :Why ?
Girl :okay Listen dis.
when i started to walk I fell, u were not there to pick me up. but my mom was.
When i went outside, you were not there to hold my finger. but my dad was
When i cried,u didn't gave me your toys to play,but my brother n sister did.
My family is more precious than anything else :)

My smile doesn't always mean...

My SMILE ...
Doesn't always mean
"I m Happy ..."
It Means
"I Can Manage ..."
It Just Means
"I m Tired Of Crying ..."

I'm not perfect

If someone asks me
with whom u want to spend your entire life,
I will simply say..
"Someone who can understand
that I am not perfect".

Determination & Purification like mirror

A relationship should have
determination & purification like a MIRROR..

Which never loses its ability to
REFLECT even if BROKEN into thousand pieces.

Live, Lead, and preach

GOD Made You To Be You
Not A Copy Of Someone Else
Live ,
Preach With The Personality
GOD Gave You

Brightest star is missing

If You Look At The Sky Tonight
And Notice That The Brightest Star Is Missing,

I Swear I Have No Clue
How The Hell I Fell From Sky But I'm OK

What is dream ?

An 0utstanding Answer By
A Child When Asked,
"What is DREAM..?"

He Replied:
"Where There Is No Price
Tags 0n The Toys Which
I Love n Like The Most..." =)

Peoples hate / loves me because...

I know lots of people hate me
because i am 2 bad

few people surely love me
because they know that
my little goodness is not fake.

Beautiful or ugly

"Things are as they are.
It is you who label them
as beautiful or ugly. " :-)

Tips for a Blissful Life

Tips for a Blissful Life:
LIVE widout pretending,
LOVE widout depending,
LISTEN widout defending,
SPEAK widout offending...!! :-)

Inside and outside college

The difference between
inside & outside d 'College' gate is..?

We played life inside
Life plays with us Outside.!

Enjoy Every Moment While You are still inside :)

Find a way or excuse

"If you really want to do something,
you will find a way.
If u don't,
You will find an excuse."

He wants u safe

Sometime GOD closes all Doors
Shuts all d Windows

During those Times, think that
May b there is STORM Outside n
HE wants u SAFE. :)
Be +ve

Life is everything / nothing

'Life is everything'
when the person u love misses u in your absence..
but 'life is nothing' When
they miss to understand your importance in your presence.

I am Rewarded

How blessed I m 2 b a Muslim!
I say a simple Salam to some,I'm rewarded.
I smile at someone, I'm rewarded.
I pray in Masjid with Jamaat,I'm rewarded 27 times more than those who pray alone.
I begin anything with Bismillah, that action of mine is rewarded.
I think of doing a good deed,I'm rewarded.
I control my temper,I'm rewarded.
I hold the glass with my right hand while drinking,I'm rewarded.

Worries are like moon

Worries Are Like MOON
>1 Day will Increase
>1 Day will Decrease
>Other Day may not be seen

So Don't Worry 4 Anything.
All Iz Well. Keep :)

Select good people like me

Sugar & salt may b mixed 2gether,
But even d ants rejects d salt &
carries away d sugar.
So select d
GUD people in life..
LIKE ME. :-)

Increment in taste of relations

As time goes on,
The taste of relations increases.
Either it becomes more Sweet or More Salty
That depends only on what we add 2 it DAILY..
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